Invest in Travis County

Travis County is enjoying an unprecedented period of growth and prosperity. From high tech to the arts to green construction, our community is a beacon for innovation, entrepreneurship, and creativity. Our unique quality of life makes us home to people across the spectrum – from recent college graduates looking for opportunity to young families wanting a warm, diverse community to raise their children to retirees seeking to enjoy a laid-back culture with endless options for activity.

Growth also brings challenges – increasing demand for public safety and other services, rising cost of living and property values, and greater strain on transportation and other infrastructure. And not everyone in our community has shared in our prosperity. As a result, many hardworking families in Travis County are burdened by property taxes and rising fees. Without responsible fiscal leadership, the American Dream is in danger of becoming a nightmare for many of us.

That’s why I want to be your next Travis County Treasurer. As the chief custodian of all county funds, the County Treasurer’s duty is first and foremost to the taxpayers of Travis County. And everyone who lives, works, or plays in Travis County pays taxes in some form or fashion. As the elected representative of the people, I will work to ensure that taxpayer money is handled prudently and spent appropriately.

But serving the public as Treasurer should be about more than just handling money. It’s about proactively working to improve efficiency and save taxpayer money by using technology and collaborating with other county offices. It’s about establishing ties between government and the community, so that no one is left out or left behind. It’s about ensuring that our shared investments reflect our most deeply held values of fairness, equity, and empowerment. Now, more than ever, we need bold, dynamic leadership that will invest in Travis County.